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uary 2000 and a new classification of periodontal dis-eases, as published in the Annals of Periodontology, December 1999; Volume 4, number 1 April 2000. Individual copies of this supplement may be pur-chased by contacting the Product Services Depart-ment, American Academy of Periodontology, 737 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 800, Chicago. As dental hygienists, I believe we need to challenge our beliefs around the time and profitability of perio charting. The truth is, complete perio charting is not only profitable but completely worth the effort. And with the right tools, it’s easy to get it done in less time. Perio Charting Is a Standard of Care. 09/12/35 · De-epithelization of the pocket has been abandoned in conventional periodontal treatment, as it was observed that de-epithelization with the use of periodont. If the pockets are not reduced with non-surgical periodontal therapy then surgery may be suggested. This will involve reshaping the gums and bone. Sometimes, bone regenerative materials synthetic/human/animal derived may be placed around the teeth. To read more about pocket reduction surgery, click here.

08/03/37 · The American Academy of Periodontology AAP recommends that you receive a comprehensive periodontal evaluation, or CPE, annually to determine if you have or if you are at risk for periodontal. 29/11/32 · Efficient, safe and gentle cleaning of deep periodontal pockets with AIR-FLOW PERIO and its patented single-use nozzle. The nozzle slips easily into the pocket and gently aligns with the root anatomy. To describe major pathways of communication between the pulp and periodontal tissue, and to identify possible etiologies for perio–endo lesions. To understand and apply the differential diagnosis of a primary periodontal lesion and a primary endodontic lesion. To be able to make an appropriate treatment plan, including alternative therapies.

Perio Gel ® that is applied via patented Perio Trays utilizes a proprietary formulation of hydrogen peroxide to act as an oral debriding agent and oral wound cleanser. The Perio Tray is important because it delivers the medication deep below the gums where. -dran through perio pocket w/ curette or use an external incision into soft tissue to attain drainage- try to remove foreign mat from are if present-adjust occlusion if tooth is extruded from socket => TMJ-prescribe antibiotics if fever or lymphadenophaty presents. This would increase the likelihood of cumulative damage to the pulp. 15 Results from microbiological and immunological studies support the suggestion that the source of endodontic infection in perio-endo lesions with periodontal origin is the periodontal pocket bacteria. 40.

07/01/34 · The original PERIO-FLOW® Method is efficient for biofilm removal in deep periodontal pockets and gentle. Using PERIO-FLOW handpiece and its special Nozzle, with AIR-FLOW Powder PERIO.

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